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Yīŗish iti Ptibīsh (/ˈjiːrɪʃ.ˈɪtɪ.ˈptɪbiːʃ/)

Yīŗish iti Ptibīsh, the Palace above Challenge, is an enormous castle built both as a home for Shania vin Qau and as the capital building for the Kingdom of Kiŗaun. The city of Īyonī was constructed around it.   The palace was built on the outer rim of a crater which had been filled in to form a lake. The lake is fed by rivers from the mountains, which enter the crater via dramatic waterfalls. The palace is constructed at a location that provides the most spectacular view possible of the largest waterfall. There is an observation deck that extends well past the edge of the crater wall.   The location was chosen as it pleased the queen. She enjoyed looking over the great crater lake and the many waterfalls feeding it.  
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The king did not originally intend to build such an enormous palace, but he did so to prove his loyalty to his queen after a number of indiscretions in the early years of their marriage. Despite those indiscretions, Badnīl loved Shania with all his heart and never wanted any form of harm to come to her. While Shania never forgot them, she did forgive Badnīl. In general, the people never learned of this rift in their relationship.


The Palace is protected by the Voshan Dīdnalash, the most elite fighting force in all of Eastern Principalities, and perhaps the world. In addition, the city guard of Īyonī, the Dīdnalash, protect the city that surrounds the Palace on all sides but the lake side.


Originally built as the capital of the Kingdom of Kiŗaun by Badnīl Qau, the king of said kingdom. It was constructed to be the living quarters for the royal family, as well as their advisors and families. But it was also intended to be the seat of rule for the kingdom, having grand banquet halls, extensive meeting areas, and accommodations for tribal leaders and their retinue as well as other visiting leaders.   Once the young kingdom began to settle, the queen, Shania vin Qau, settled into the Palace as her primary residence with her children and rarely left, even as the king continued to travel to and negotiate with the various tribes to keep the peace and keep the kingdom intact.   In his later years, once the kingdom had proven itself, Badnīl joind his wife in permanent residency in the Palace, although he continued to travel frequently.
Alternative Name(s)
Palace Above Challenge, The Palace

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