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Aikital (/aɪˈkɪtɒl/)

Aikital is a fabric made within the Principality of Rotai. It has been made almost exclusively for the Voshan Dīdnalash for use in the manufacture of their uniforms since their formation.   Made from fibers collected from three different plants, two of which only grow at the Kida Votoshī oasis as well as finely spun threads of fonujajo. The spinning technique is known only to a few masters in Rotai.


Material Characteristics

Aikital is a very fine cloth, similar in texture to silk. Before being dyed is is a sandy maroon color, as if ground cinnamon were mixed with the desert sands. It also glints in sunlight, thanks to the fonujajo woven in.   The silver of Voshan Dīdnalash uniforms comes from adding a thin coating of the waxy sap of the vaulī tree. This diffracts the light reflected by the fonujajo threads, bringing out its metallic look.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Aikital is highly resistant to piercing and, when charged with the proper magic, is also highly resistant to impacts, absorbing and redirecting the kinetic energy away from the wearer.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

The Voshan Dīdnalash are considered to be the very best warriors of the Kaushan. As such, equiping them with some of the finest uniforms available is considered a honor by all those involved. Their distinctive uniforms, made almost entirely of aikital, are considered a symbol of the Kaushan people, rather than of any one Principality or even of Īyonī, despite the Voshan being the palace guard of the neutral city.

Manufacturing & Products

Every aspect of the manufacture of aikital is handled very ritualistically. Prayers to Dīnauvai and Yiba are made during the planting and harvesting of the plants used within the material. Prayers to Yiba are made as the fonujajo is mined from the small mine in the mountains west of Rotai. Prayers are made as the thread is spun, the cloth is woven, the material dyed, and the vaulī sap applied. After all, this material is used for the protection of the very best warriors of the Kaushan people. regardless of tribe or country.
Slight ginger smell
Sandy maroon before dyeing, dark maroon and silver after dyeing and coating

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