Hawk Riders

They were circling high above the mountain top, on a warm but cloudy day. It had rained that morning, so the dew was sweet on the grass below. Ren and his mount Twitch scan the ground for any movement. It had been reported that Mountain Lion was spotted in the nearby woods. They know it is up to them to spot any dangers that might befall the emissary from the Lake Tribe. The two take their duties very seriously and quite like being relied upon by their community.



The hawk riders try to keep their active members around 18, though between cadets and previous riders they can muster a force of up to 24 when necessary.


Young and less experienced hawk riders often use a strap made of woven plants to help anchor themselves in flight. This allows them to train the muscle memory and strength that will be needed to become advanced in ranks.


Generally the riders act as scouts and lookouts but when they have to engage in battle they will carry a woven basket on their back full of short spear like projectiles.


Red-tailed Hawk



The hawks meet many of their own needs but each rider is required to craft and maintain their personal ger. This makes the overall cost of the unit fairly small but the demands on the individuals high. The hawkriders are provided with meals and are often given favors by the other members of Mountain Tribe as they are seen as heroes.


Many of the children of the Mountain Tribe dream of becoming a hawk rider but few are granted the chance. Most of the mountain fey grow too tall or heavy for the hawks to carry and many that are of appropriate size do not have the mixture of bravery and recklessness needed to qualify.
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