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Pijari Lancers

Breakers of the Line

Just charge into their lines, brother. The cowards will flee as the ground beneath them will tremble and the thunderous roar of your mount approaches them.
— Pijari lancer

  Pijari lancers are heavily armoured cavalry units who specialize in breaking their enemy's morale with a deadly charge. A lancers uniqueness lies with their formidable mount, a war-elk. Such creatures are large, expensive, and bred for war, capable of charging head-on into a mass of armed men. Such heavy cavalry units are used only by the Pijari since they are the only ones with the knowledge to train and breed war-elks.

Arms and Armour

War-elks take a long time to turn into majestic beasts of war. Training them is expensive and requires professional trainers who know how to handle such animals. Due to the costs involved in using them, the elks are reserved only for the wealthy and the powerful. Riders protect their mounts with sturdy scale barding.
  Lancers, as their name would suggest, use long lances to annihilate their enemies as they charge into their ranks. Even if the point of the lance misses their target, the overwhelming weight of an armour-clad elk colliding into all that stands will still devastate the enemy.


The Pijari lancers are known by everyone who has dared to cross their people. They are renowned for their brutal efficiency and the sight of them charging is bound to strike fear into the hearts of those in their way. That terror they wrought upon their foes is a vital part of using them in battle.


Where the lancers truly excel at is the demoralizing of their opponents and forcing their units to panic and flee.
  Only the most battle-hardened groups are capable of standing up against a charge without turning tail, but even then, their odds of survival may be slim.
A good counter against long pointy sticks are even longer and far pointier sticks, but your best bet would be a tall and sturdy wall.
— Alhidi Matra, Rahya commander
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Ethnicity | Dec 1, 2021

The Pijari are a semi-nomadic people renowned for their mastery of horseback riding, archery, and mounted combat. They are native to Ougadiai, Vaijia, and Vuonampi


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War elks! I love the image of riders on war elks. Like, imagine them coming out of the mist. So intimidating.   I love the quote from the commander about a tall and sturdy wall too. :D

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