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"You don't get to tell Havoks what to do. They get to tell you to watch and learn."
a Legionnaire about Havoks
  Not all military units in the Demon Legion can be ranged into the general archetypes. Some groups can specialise. That is where the Havok distinction comes in. They are special Demon forces with reduced squads of unset number, allowed to fight wherever and however they please during battle. Havok members are under the authority of their own leaders and do not take order from any other officer below the rank of General

Infiltrators, Snipers, Guerillas, the Havoks are to use their skills and the personnality of their leaders to wreak chaos in the ranks of the enemy. The most notorious Havok unit so far is the one under the command of Ar Vari, The Silent Flash.



Havok's ranks usually number below 200 warriors and/or specialists. They are often accompanied by a slave regiment of thirty or less to help care of their varied equipments.


The tactics used by Havoks are just that, Havok. To trust in the instinct of their leader and their unfocused vision of warfare.
  • The Sniper-type Havoks focus on supporting the main armies with long-range fire that targets the enemy officers and the clump of troops ripe for a large scale bombardements.
  • The Guerilla types employ agile troops similar to Traveler to hit and run at the speed of sound.
  • Training

    Given how unorthodox everything a Havok stands for, it goes without saying that training is far harder and abnormal for Havok squads.
    Special Forces
    Overall training Level
    Assumed Veterancy
    Used by

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