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Silver Wings

Convert your doubt into an energy to support your fellow brother and sister.
-Aranama Silver Wing Squad

Forefront Protectors

  Aranama forming a squad and military as a safety net when everything went awry from external threat such as unidentified life form from any planet that Aranama will visit. Those who wants to join Silver Wing will undergo both firearm training and self-defense training. After all of those gruelling physical training, new recruits will also undergo field operation test. Where they'll be tested using VR tech to simulate some of the cases that will likely happened on the field. That particular cases include: -Hostage Situation -Kidnapping -Assassination attempt -etc

Silver Wing Insignia

  When the recruits completed their training. They're given both official Silver Wing uniform and combat suit, alongside with a Silver Wing insignia that represent that they're now part of the organization. This particular combat suit have elaborate and immaculate design that resemble a circular shield on the torso to protect the wearer from kinetic force such as stabbing and slashing. The suit also provide a minor fire resistant property due to the some incident that happened inside Aranama. Silver Wing insignia can be used as your ID substitute, it could be used to pay as well towards a certain merchants that have affiliation with Silver Wing.  

Public Image

  Aranama resident view Silver Wing as one of the respectable job since they always jump to the forefront when trouble arises. Some of the small squad are assigned to patrol around Aranama and they'll well liked by the public as well.  They act as the voice for the voiceless, the beacon for the helpless, and the light that illuminate Aranama path for a new age of discovery.

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