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Touvong: Chariots



Each touvong unit has a single rider and a single weroiki. Due to the lack of weroiki raised in Keyrit, the number of touvong has never exceeded more than 1,000 units at a time. Throughout most of the legion's history, the number has remained around 500.


All drivers are given a flint set to light up the vehicle's flame, as well as the shell of a previous weroiki in the unit to act as a shield.


The driver is equipped with a lance and javelins. Later installments provided the drivers with pouches of Greek fire, since the flint had been already provided.


A touvong's vehicle component has a platform for the rider, a torch in front to guide the driving weroiki, and a wall of glass to protect the former from the latter. Attached to the vehicle is a set of harnesses and reins to keep the vehicle attached to the weroiki.


Bows were tested with the weroiki, but the unpredictability of movement prevented the riders from getting good balance, let alone good aim. The weroiki was thus only used for a forward push, and javelins were used in case the push didn't gain enough momentum.


After a large fire across the Tuhra plains, herders discovered that, when sensing high nearby temperatures, weroiki get a large adrenaline boost. This boosts not only their speed but also their strength to nearly ten times their normal temperatures. In exchange, the weroiki loses its more complex brain functions, solely focused on escaping the source of the fire. This biological defense mechanism could not be harnessed for precise everyday tasks such as plowing, but it could be used for unorganized, chaotic tasks such as war.   The Tuhran military attempted to ride atop the weroiki, using a stirrup to maintain balance, a torch on the left hand, and a lance or other arm on the right. The riders, however, couldn't manage all tasks at once, either failing to guide the mount in the correct direction or falling off in the attempt. The Keyrit military, however, decided to build a vehicle behind the weroiki, using a lever to adjust the flame's location. This gave the rider additional hands and easier coordination, and the Royal Karioter Legion was established.
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