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An archipelago of island-continents, each with its own governance, culture, and economy. Traditions and resources determine the fates of wars and peaces well before the battles themselves take place. Designed for a grounded experience, each species is bound by the laws of physics and biology, and each technology has a legion of external ramifications and uses. The civilizations of the world use one primary conlang, split into multiple dialects. Wandering travelers use a mysterious second language: Travelers’ Tongue (English). The history of Wouraiya spans thousands of years, from the bronze age to the space age. Due to the immutability of fate in this world, characters can be placed at any point in time for an enriched world. Magic exists in highly limited quantity and capacity, known only to secret organizations and kept hidden even from royalties.   In a group, the continent is full of adventure. From the warlike Welokyi of Keyrit to the industrious Welkyi of Welkwu, any adventurer can find themselves a people and place to call home. For a rugged frontier experience, the forested colonies of Unterritory and the barren badlands of Yatkaugo offer both treasures and tragedies. For civilization and political intrigue, the revolutions around Ak’tawo and the Tuhran Wars present unique challenges.   The mercenary can make a pretty penny, sail the seas, hike mountains and engage in battles to the death, all before sundown. Only those who risk their fates and resign themselves to the worst possible outcomes will achieve victory in the end.