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Welkwu: Capital in its Own Right


Welkwu gained its autonomy through blood. Its inhabitants, entrepreneurs and dissidents eager to escape the eye of the larger established governments, want to keep Welkwu's autonomy intact. Welkwu's rough battlements against the Keyrit invasion became a cement wall that covers the inner city. The city has a garrison of 100, but all male residents are expected to be ready to fight, should the city come under attack. While the main garrison is armed with rubidium rifles, the citizenry would be theoretically equipped with the city's mass-produced blades.

Industry & Trade

Welkwu was one of the first industrial powerhouses, being on the way from resource mines in Unterritory and wealthy consumers in Tuhra and Wlitowa. Further, the smelly fires of the nouveau riche were frowned upon by the monarchy, so titans of industry found refuge from royal regulation by residing in Welkwu's own separate jurisdiction. While knitting and woodworking have been industrialized, the most regulated industry (and thus the prominent industry in Welkwu) is in the manufacturing of blades. Knives, swords, needles, scissors, and all other manner of sharp metalworks comes from Welkwu. The primary fuel that allows for the automation and heat comes from peat, found in southeastern Unterritory.

Guilds and Factions

There were multiple smaller guilds before the dawn of industry, such as those for glassblowing, stonemasonry, and woodworking. However, as of late the metalworking industry (predominantly in knives and similar pointy things) has taken over the local industry. Welkwu authorities were hesitant to put all eggs in a single basket and so heavily invested in these smaller craft industries, hoping that one could be as successful as its economy leader.


Welkwu was originally an unassuming city on the coast, answering to the whims of the City of Five Roads. However, during the Eastern Uprising the Tuhran Militia picked the town as its northern headquarters, it being closest to the middle of the northern shore. It was the only city to not fall during the conflict, and instead it was granted autonomy from foreign jurisdiction. Thousands of odd, hard-working, and perhaps paranoid people flooded the city to make it their industrial paradise.
Alternative Name(s)
Peat-town, New Cutlery
Large town
1200 (Metropolitan Area: 12000)
Inhabitant Demonym
Related Tradition (Primary)

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