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Ira Eoga: Feat of Food


Welkwu had an immense amount of city pride as a separate sovereign entity, but it couldn't translate that pride into trade relations and economic betterment. The authorities in the city had to be creative to advertise its city and its products to the rest of the world. The Ira Eoga is one such attempt, and arguably the most successful.


Furnaces otherwise used for smelting are turned down in intensity to be re-appropriated for use as ovens. Large squares are cleared away, and pathways to those squares are highlighted with red and yellow banners. The festival has no one specific place in the city, with the planners trying to use as much space as they feasibly can.

Components and tools

Every contestant is provided with a set of mass-produced tools, including a set of metal knives, a wooden cutting board, and a glass mixing bowl, representing the pillar industries of the Welkwu economy. Because products are abundant but produce is less so, contestants are expected to bring their own materials for use in their culinary work.


Contestants must create a large amount of food, at least enough for ten people, using only the equipment provided by the city. Edibility was the only hard requirement, but years were often given single-word themes for inspiration, such as "blue" or "field." Welkwu maintained shipping routes to import national flora and fauna for the event.   In exchange of one of the state-sponsored items, contestants were to give their meals away, either by setting up shop, travelling door to door, or feeding the poor. Proof of generosity was required. For a chance at the entire set, on the other hand, contestants could submit their work to judges. A hundred judges would determine a hundred winners.


The competition was only meant to be held once, but the event was so successful in driving up sales that it was elected to be held annually during the fall equinox. Welkwu prided itself on its autonomy, which meant not only that judging was universally recognized as impartial but also that annual events could continue even during wartime.
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