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Shared customary codes and values

Promoters believe that all things natural must be rejected. They believe that industrialism has transcended sapient Wouraiyan life past base animal instincts. Therefore, the less they can associate themselves with the natural, the more they can progress into an enlightened society, whatever that new future would be.

Common Etiquette rules

Eating, drinking, and sleeping are signs of human frailty. Promoters are embarrassed by these actions and never do them in view of another human, even chosen spouses and offspring. It would be better to starve than to show natural frailty.

Common Dress code

Promoters try to hide as much skin as possible, or as feasible. Their clothes incorporate unnatural and purposely unappealing colors and color combinations, such as red and neon green.


Beauty Ideals

The human, like each life form, is an ugly creature. It disgusts the Promoters. The less it can be seen, the better. The more it can be subverted and supplanted, the better. Face and body paint is encouraged, but it's much better to cover it with the inventions of humanity. Beauty is judged by clothing, and by the parts of humanity that separate it from other natural life, not by most traditional standards.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship consists of a listing of accomplishments, a listing of unique traits and abilities, and a mild discussion on how they live life. The Promoter lifestyle is thus very isolationist. Promoter culture is split as to whether this is a victory or a defeat. On the one hand, they separated themselves from a natural concept. On the other hand, they failed to replace the natural concept with something ascendant, and thus are forced to use the natural option as a placeholder.

Relationship Ideals

The natural state of things, at least from the perspective of the Promoters, is usually one where a mother takes care of as many children as she can manage, usually two or three. This is one of nature's woeful inefficiencies, one which should be rejected. Promoters are expected to mate as much as possible, with as many people as possible, in order to produce as much of the species as possible. That way, more ideas for ascendance can be produced, and humanity can give the notion of Malthusian limitations the bird.
Encompassed species

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