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Unseen Death

What are they like, you say? Use your brains for once! No? If someone could see an Unseen Death and live to tell about it, they wouldn't be called that!
All wood elves are either warriors, mages or both. Everyone knows that. The idea of turning yourself into a living weapon is central to many of them. What most people do not know is that even among wood elves, there are ones who are considered to take that idea to a whole other level. The Unseen Death is a special group, existing in every wood elven realm, that consists of such individuals with a special affinity for illusion and enchantment magic.



The size of the group is unclear due to their very nature, apparently kept secret even from other elves. You cannot give out what you do not know, after all. Depending on the size of the realm, the group is generally estimated to consist of just a few to a dozen members.


The Unseen Death do all kind of covert jobs for the benefit of their realm. Proficient in both illusion and enchantment magic, many of them have spent centuries in this line of job, gathering a lot of knowledge and acting skills along the way. They can truly be called ideal spies and assassins — the "Invisible Hands" of their realms. However, not all of their tasks are to be kept secret, quite the contrary. A well-made elven knife stuck deep into your bed, a beautiful flower left on your favourite working table — the Unseen Death excels at reminding that you are quite mortal. Makes one think twice about making a move against the wood elves.
Covert Ops
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

Captured agents

The wood elves have been in Prethoria for many thousands of years. Naturally, some elves allegedly belonging to Unseen Death were captured over that tremendous amount of time. However, the information from such accidents is usually kept private, in no small degree due to the wood elves stopping at nothing to silence those who would spread information about it. As for the few cases that are well known about, the alleged Unseen Death members gave little useful information even when questioned with magic. They knew nothing about anyone else in the organisation, although they admitted to having individual orders to carry out secretly.

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