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The Boorian Militia

The holy warriors of the city of Boor, their prime directive: Protect the city and protect the faith.



This military organisation has a total of about 5000 trained and training warriors, both men and women.


The main weapon of the Boorian militia is their faith, and how much their believe in the gods ability to do good.The secondary weapon of choice for the boorian militia is that it gives them a good reach as well as it's utility as a fighting stick should the tip break off.   They are also very fond of the use of cavalry, in fact most of the boorian militia has some experience riding or caring for ri'las.   The militia trains their own healers and has some tradition of healing knowledge. Their supply of herbs are grown within the gardens of the city.


Commissioned ranks. Warlord (general) Commander Demander Edicter Captain   Enlisted ranks. Sergeant major Sergeant Corporal Private


The recruited fighters are primarily recruited from the clergy or especially devout worshippers from the city of Boor. They receive basic training in healing wounds, cookery, physical training to aid in their fighting skills and some basic tactics the group uses. In addition to that, the recruits also learn how to best care for the famous ri'la riding beast as it is a valuable asset and sees a lot of use within their ranks as fighting mounts, beasts of burden, messenger transport as well as to aid other types of traveling.   One of the most important parts of their training is the mental one, and all of them receive spiritual guidance from their local temples priests. They devout a lot of their time to reading and praying.
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