Olbarakor Squad

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Olbarakor squads is a unique groups of Dwarven mages under Olbarak, in Alagh Caurak. These small units of arcane casters are true rarity and source of deep bafflement among the dwarfs, and often met with fear and distrust, and arcane art beyond item enchanting are alien to the culture of the dekan dwarfs.

Getting their orders from the guild leader, Runeril, Olbarakor are versatile, suited in research, investigations and battling against enemies of the clan.



Forming groups of two to four, sometimes spitefully referred to as "covens", these units of dwarven mages might not be impressive on size, yet their skill set is unlike any other. Sometimes squads can form triads when larger manpower is required.


Equipment of the Olbarakor is often lighter then the one of an average dwarf. Light armour, robes, bookplates, component pouched and scroll cases are often seen on the mages, with rust-coloured cloaks and recognisable brass amulets in the shape of a dwarven shield with a magical gem on the middle. These amulets work as a mark of Olbarak, and as an arcane focus.


Many Olbarakor choose to wield hammers and axes similar to most dwarven warriors. However, some rather carry spears, halberds or staffs to get more reach to possible attacks. Light- and hand crossbows, as well as muskets, are also not unheard of.

Most recognisable weapon of the mages is, of course, their books and spell in them. Most of Olbarakor tend to specialise in fire and earth from the elements and are likely to be Abjurers, Evokers or Warmages, yet Transmuters and Diviners being the next most popular options.



Recruited among the members of Olbarak, Olbarakors are the most learned, talented and powerful casters of the guild. Most of the chosen members are Dwarfs or Rock Gnomes, though if one can win the trust of the Cauraker and proof their worth, outsider might be approved among the ranks.

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