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Warriors of the Veil

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When the Mages of The Veiled Republic tried to pull off some things and did not succeed, and then tried some more and everything just collapsed again because of "random issues", they got suspicious. The mages came together to perform powerful rituals to identify the cause for all the troubles. Additionally, investigators were sent out to all locations where something went. The rituals did not deliver any answers, the investigators came back empty-handed.   Finally, they mages installed a special unit called the Warriors of the Veil, a group of highly trained warriors and spies, that should spread out and collect evidence or even witness what is going on. Up until now, the warriors have not reported back anything of value to the mages.   The Red Monks of Ri are behind all this, as the goals of the mages conflict with their own. Knowing about the warriors, the monks take any action required to make the Warriors be elsewhere, while they fix things.



There are five teams of seven people each, sent to observe and investigate wherever the mages try to pull strings.


Climbing gear, swords, daggers, blowpipes, smoke grenades and several disguise sets are an important part of the warriors' equipment.


Each team acts by group decision, there is no dedicated leader. They get their commands from the mages directly by magical means.


When they get sent somewhere by the mages, they disguise themselves as regular citizens and position at strategic locations to have a good overview of everything that is happening. Any occurrence of something suspicious had not given them a cloud about what is going on. Some of the warriors believe that they are chasing ghosts and that there is nothing to find, but that the mages are just incapable of doing whatever they are trying to do.


The warriors are trained in unarmed combat, combat with swords, hiding in plain sight, questioning and moving silently and without a trace.
SC2020: Describe an elite or highly specialised military unit in your world.
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