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Order of Argozi Knights

"Wyan, good to see you," Senior Wizard Yrnid Coppercliff said to his favorite apprentice who was now a First Junior Wizard Inquisitor.   "Master Yrnid, always a pleasure," Wyan replied with a cheerful smile.   "Let's move over here while the others are still arriving," Yrnid suggested and led the way to an unoccupied corner.   "You know why we've been assembled, Master Yrnid? It was all rather rushed and the servants are still setting things up." He needlessly pointed out the latter as servants were dashing about readying tables and benches. There would be no time for proper clothes before the assembly of the Blue Quill magi commenced.   "I was not informed," Yrnid said a bit tartly. At his rank, he should have been.
"Whatever the reason, it must be impor--" he suddenly stopped speaking as his jaw went slack and his eyes flew wide open.   Wyan spun around to see what had so startled Yrnid. He sucked in a breath then swallowed. His heart began to pound as he, too, stared at who had just entered the meeting hall.   It was a knight wearing a polished blue steel breastplate over a set of chain and leather armor. A long sword was sheathed at his waist, and a helmet held neatly in the crock of his arm. But it was the down-pointing silver sword embroidered on a surcoat of blue silk that all the magi in the room stared at.   "Oh, gods!" Wyan squeaked.   "Hush, Wyan," Yrnid warned quietly. "Don't draw his attention to us."
Wyan nodded but then suddenly felt weak in the knees as the knight turned their way and narrowed his eyes a moment before turning those cold, hard eyes to a group of magi nearby.   "NO!" One of those magi suddenly cried out. "You will never take me!" He bolted to the servant's door but it was too late.   Another knight appeared in the doorway, his long sword already drawn. It sliced through the shimmering ward spell the magi had hurriedly cast, gutting him in once slice of the blade. He fell screaming to the floor with a squishy thud that echoed about the silent and utterly still room as not one other magi dared move.  
— the end of a rogue magi

Who Are The Argozi

    The Order of Argozi Knights are warriors feared by all but the giantkin and other such foolhardy races.     They are sword masters capable of attacking through magic as though it was not there. They are also unaffected by all but the most powerful spells.     With their griffons, that are companions as well as steeds, an Argozi can cut down a giant and a powerful magi in moments.

The Path To Knighthood

  An Argozi knight can be of any civilized race.     Retired Argozi run training arenas where they train youths in swordsmanship and look for students that have a talent for the sword.     It is these talented students they recommend to be trained at Skyloften, the main keep of their order.     The youths arriving at Skyloften are called Pages.     Each Page is expected to be a servant within the keep no matter how high their rank within their respective societies.
They are issued a wooden sword and shield to care for and train with everyday.   Once a Page has advanced to training with blunted metal swords, they are called a Prospect.   Their servitude is no longer within the keep but within the aeries and stables for the griffons.   A Prospect who advances to an edged metal sword is called a Squire.   They are also given a suit of chain and leather armor and a young griffon.   For the next two years a squire will bond with and train the griffon until they are assigned to a knight whom they will serve until the day they become knighted.   An Argozi can be a Squire for many years as they must be a proven sword master first.   In a grand ceremony where the squire declares his oath to the the order, the Knight-Commander taps the flat of a sword hard enough to bruise the shoulder of the Squire and dubs them a knight.   This sword tap is called the Last Unanswered Blow and it represents the new Knight's rise to the nobility by their own merit no matter their family origins.
After the ceremony, the new Knight is fitted with a blue steel breastplate and given a long sword of Veriduun.     This sword is ever sharp and lighter than a typical long sword.     An Argozi can wield this sword as a smaller weapon.     How much of a smaller weapon they can use a long sword as depends on the mastery of that particular Argozi.   At midnight, the new Knight is taken to a chamber deep within Skyloften and ordered to strip to the waist.   A healer then cuts an incision over the heart, inserts a piece of polished amber encasing a scarab, then stitches the wound closed.   All of this the new Knight is expected to endure in silence.   The new Knight is then sent to bed. During the night, the amber melts away and the scarab crawls between the ribs to attach itself to the heart.   From that time onward, the new Knight is immune to all but the greatest of magics.

Argozi Rank

      Knight-Errant: the lowest rank of fully trained Argozi Knights. The title of Sir for male and Dame for female is placed before their given names.       Knight- Lieutenant: an Argozi knight in command of a quad of knight-errants.       Knight-Captain: an Argozi who is no longer a knight-errant but a full knight in charge of a chapter hall.       Knight-Commander: the highest ranking Argozi who commands from Skyloften

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