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Praetorian Guard

An unusual non-Droga-affiliated military unit attached permanently to the Lawgiver (and, more broadly, the personal protection of the Leader). They are currently under the command of First Officer Lekka, cousin to several technicians aboard the ship. As attacks directly on the Lawgiver are rare, the guard spend their time running drills to maintain battle readiness for the off chance that something goes pear-shaped.


The modern version of the unit was formally established by An'hulla upon completion of the Lawgiver, but has existed in some form or another since Stenza droga began to war with one another, spawning many a paranoid general-chief. In the years of Unification, this role was often filled by The Leader's Favorite People, before empire necessitated a formal, separate unit, composed of the best of the best available.

Historical loyalties

The earliest renditions of this concept were loyal to their clan and the general-chief (what modern Stenza would call a First Officer), a practice which still has echoes even in Unified Stenza culture. However, post-unification "official" versions have been loyal to one of two parties: the Leader, or the Stenza state as a single organ. It is commonly believed the latter is superior, as it prioritizes Stenza ideals over whomever happens to be in charge at the moment, and in recent living memory is the unit which was loyal to Raida.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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