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Third Officer

How it works in practice is the First Officer and the Second Officer are constant competitors vying for the top spot, which means the Third Officer and the Fourth Officer have to work as a team, to keep morale up and everybody on task. My Fourth Officer was a grizzled old dude who'd seen plenty and was perfectly happy where he was at. And, he was perfectly happy to show me the ropes. I learned everything about being an officer from him, and then I watched him get blown up.
— Ta'zhen, on Siah'ywe
Third Officer is the rank (under the umbrella "ranked officer" with First, Second, and Fourth Officers) where most of the groundwork of troop management happens. This is widely considered to be a perfect position for those who want to learn leadership skills without dealing with constant politicking.


Although typically one can be ceremonially raised to the rank (as is common in peacetime), battlefield promotions are not unheard of.


The Third Officer is responsible for the hands-on implementation of the orders of the First and Second Officers, as well as coming up with schemes to fulfill overall mission objectives. These schemes are acted upon by such pop-up groups as Task Units within the ranks of the clan's unit. The Third Officer also takes practical responsibility for the unit at large, due to the preoccupations of their superiors. It is widely joked that the Third Officer is the First Officer of the unit's brain cell.


The Third Officer is often responsible for the coordination of troops on a grand scale, when the First Officer and Second Officer are unavailable due to their jockeying for position. Though lacking in status, Third Officer is an ideal rank for cultivating leadership skills and working toward goals, even though most of the credit for such goes to the ranks above.   Third Officers must also think in terms of what will accomplish a given objective, often presented to them by First and Second Officers or Droghi.


Being Third Officer is a prime opportunity to learn how to be an officer, next perhaps to the position of Fourth Officer. While it is not as prestigious as being First Officer (and does not offer the chance to challenge for the role of Leader), it lays a lot of groundwork for a career as an officer or Droghi, should one live that long.
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Feb 4, 2021 17:58 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I feel much more inclined to like third officers than the two ranks above them. :D

Feb 5, 2021 01:30

Third and Fourth Officers are the sweet spot of the whole affair. You get your learning opportunities, career skills, and your chance to make a good impression without having to worry about any shenanigans.

Feb 6, 2021 22:58 by Luca Poddighe

I think the quote add something to this article, compared to the two top ranks that appear a bit bare.

Feb 7, 2021 01:05

I've been working on fleshing them out, and I'm sure when I think of quotes I'll add them and let y'all know :D   This one is just the first to get fleshed out because this is the rank my MC reached before retiring to serve as an engine technician on a ship. (Before the events of the story which changes her employment status AGAIN.)

Feb 7, 2021 10:36 by Luca Poddighe

Yes, don't feel pressurized... I have a lot of partial articles, that I start feel very hot for them then I cool down and lose the inspiration... It's ok to flesh things out in a second time... At least you have written down something that has a start and an end, when I do I leave them as they are... and occasionally I have the bravado to publish them too ;-)

Feb 7, 2021 16:26

This is why everything is labeled "WIP". I feel like it gives me that opening to go back and edit things as needed, although for the big characters like Ta'zhen and T'zim-Sha, and main background articles like on Mudewei or the Stenza don't get touched as much these days, and are more or less complete.