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Elder Creyth

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Creyth has always been fairly quiet, after his mother was killed in combat while he was a pup. He was taken in by the Clan of the Lost, who allowed him to be as inquisitive and troublesome as his pup heart desired, and as he aged and went through training, he began to think about combat and honorable, "warrior's" death. He wondered if war meant anything at all, or if the same requirements could be met by tournaments and competitions between Stenza. These questions sometimes caused older members of the clan to stop and think a little bit, although most tended to understand his position. After all, it is commonplace for Stenza warriors to be survived by their pups.   He aged, he rose in the ranks and retired, all the while pondering the nature of war and conflict. Periodically he wrote these ponderings down, for posterity's sake and for his own. When he became elder, after the previous elder died in the hospital, his official position to the council was, "The only reason to fight a war is to end it." Seen by some as a radical view, it would sometimes be violently opposed. This sparked vitriolic debate in which Creyth would rarely take part. He had made his position clear, and that, to him and to his clan, was all that was needed.   And then, Raida initiated the Clan Killings, a horrendous stain upon Stenza history and honor which claimed the lives of countless civilians, including children, and destroyed several prominent clans...all for droghi who opposed him. He and several ranking officers in his clan searched each night for survivors, among them the young T'zim-Sha. Creyth recognized him as something of a kindred, if angrier, spirit, someone who also lacked understanding of pointless death but seemed to believe that if it were to exist, he would be a cause of it. Recognizing that T'zim-Sha was just old enough to remember his clan, Creyth realized there was little he could do but suggest, perhaps, a career in military service. T'zim-Sha took to it exceptionally well and rose quickly. Creyth noticed his increased use in underhanded tactics and warned him: "No Stenza can keep a secret."   Ta'zhen arrived on the scene soon after, under the tutelage of Saeh'han, and once again sparked controversy amongst the clan elders. Creyth said only one thing at that meeting: "She will belong to my clan." She learned first from her experiences on Azor and Muxter, codified by him, that "the only reason to fight a war is to end it". He will not, for the sake of fairness, admit to the slight soft spot he has for her, especially after her recent pleas to him to save T'zim-Sha from his most recent mistakes: cheating in the challenge for Leader and then disappearing.



He speaks with a raspy voice, and tends to speak slowly and use few words (similarly to Ta'zhen but for different reasons: he is old and has seen most everything; he knows he is likely to die of natural causes; therefore, he has little energy for anything else). His voice tends to have either a calming or a slightly unnerving effect depending on who you ask. It is also one of the few things capable of maintaining order in the council hall, and then only barely.




Towards Creyth



clan elder

Towards Ta'zhen


Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Currently Held Titles
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Year of Birth
2243 256 Years old
Current Residence
dull grey
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
dark blue
230 lbs
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