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Once a humble village in the northernmost reaches of Stenza territory, Strares just so happened to belong to a neutral droga when Iradae united the clans against a greater threat. Because Strares was neutral at the time, it made for the ideal setting to plan defense of all Stenza as well as organize the effort to contain the threat. Due to its historical significance, it became the site of The Twin Pillars and the capitol of The Nine Systems.


The population of Strares is roughly evenly split between local members of Strares droga, and members of other clans who have settled there for work (most commonly military officers and anyone who wished to travel with them; the second largest group of these is technicians of all kinds). A statistically significant fraction are tied to the Praetorian Guard and The Lawgiver more broadly.


Besides its location (along with the rest of the Stenza settlements) in a relatively sheltered basin in the otherwise forbidding Frozen Wastes, Strares is protected from the elements by its Settlement Shield, which can withstand all but the most extreme of weather events.


Strares is most well known for three key features. The first is The Twin Pillars, the two great stone columns onto which the rules governing a unified Stenza state were carved in the time of Iradae the Lawgiver. The Pillars stand directly before the towering, crystalline Capitol Building, where one may find the Droghi Council as likely engaged in legislative violence as not. Surrounding the city is the largest Settlement Shield on the planet, with an access facing into the Ice Flats that is flanked by two smaller pillars carved with decorative abstract patterns. This structure is commonly referred to as the Gate.


Strares Droga was, at the time of the Battle with the Stone Menace, not a party to any inter-clan wars, and so became the place where Iradae the Lawgiver called the clan elders and chief warriors in order to devise a strategy against the invader. It took eleven years and the invention of stasis for the Stone Menace to finally be subdued, and by then Strares had become a central spot in many Stenza minds. Iradae the Lawgiver used it as a convenient spot to establish a permanent centralized meeting place for the Droghi, and after all the kinks were ironed out, it became the focal point of first the Unified Stenza Clans and then its successor The Nine Systems.   Strares droga, however, began to experience a peculiar phenomenon: their dialect of Mudeweian Stenza became the standard, to the point it was programmed into universal translators as the default. Many members of the droga have expressed, and continue to express, a loss of cultural identity due to the metropolitan nature of the city itself. This has led to a movement among members of the clan to revive old stories and arts, such as piled fabric making and traditional, clan-specific songs and dances.

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Arguably the biggest cultural landmark in the entire city is The Twin Pillars, which tower over every other surface-level structure with the rules and laws of the Stenza proudly on display.
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