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Ishe has currently aligned himself with T'zu-Crae and engaged in a number of operations in furtherance of the current Stenza leader's aims. The Droghi Council has been slowly gathering evidence of his involvement with ensuring that Ta'zhen's citizenship trial took place on Desolation specifically, with the aim that Ta'zhen die in the effort. A small number of Stenza, including Saeh'han, Creyth, and Ta'zhen herself, also now suspect Ishe's involvement with the Orders to Tamper With Tzim-Sha's Recall Circuit, resulting in Tzim-Sha's disappearance.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The only truly settled fact about Ishe is that he is a Strares droga native, and his clan was spared from the Clan Killings, leading to the overall impression that he is, at best, somewhat distant from the dark memories that plague other Stenza.   He has spent most of his adult life, following his own Citizenship Trial, floating in and out of the Capitol Building but never demonstrating any overt political ambitions or opinions. Though he is currently aligned with T'zu-Crae, few can say exactly why, or what he hopes to gain from such an alliance (assuming he actually is running the long game, as opposed to actually agreeing with any of T'zu-Crae's policy decisions, which is a viable possibility given his suspected involvement in both Ta'zhen's Citizenship Trial and Tzim-Sha's disappearance).
Current Location
Year of Birth
2435 64 Years old
Current Residence
vivid blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
very dark blue
220 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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