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Capitol Building

Purpose / Function

The primary purpose of the capitol building is to serve as a council meeting hall, through which important legal and judicial decisions are made. However, several auxiliary purposes are attached to this: security, guest quarters, and so on. Since it has become somewhat commonplace for people to live in Strares at least part time, many of these facilities are permanent within the building or nearby. Quarters especially are divided by clan, as a sort of "little [insert clan name here]" neighborhood within the "big city".


The original form of the capitol building was a humbler open-air structure where the elders of every clan could meet and discuss strategy and policy. Originally a set-aside area where Iradae the Lawgiver and top officers worked out tactics to oppose the "stone menace", during the early Unification years it continued to be used open-air as a council hall until it was rebuilt in the year 8 into a closed facility containing both the council hall and the first iterations of living quarters. Over the years this same structure was expanded upon (or sometimes torn down and rebuilt), until in 2306, under An'hulla's direction, a final remodel was undertaken. The linear, crystalline structure remains standing and in use to this day, and the style still enjoys a fair amount of popularity across the Ice Flats region, although a small but growing minority are beginning to prefer rounder, "igloo"-like shapes.


The building is constructed out of great chunks of ice stacked on top of each other in places, and carved to appear like a unified, linear crystal spire rising out of the ground where it stands. This is not uncommon; there is a long-standing preference in Stenza culture, across much of the Ice Flats region, for linear, crystalline structure in their buildings. The interior of the building has more freedom, especially in the private quarters located near the top, but is roughly divided between "function" below and "miscellany" on top. "Functional" rooms include council rooms and the stations of security personnel attached to the Praetorian Guard. "Miscellany" includes the quarters of the Leader, units for each Droghi, and units for The Leader's Favorite People, as well as guest quarters for high-ranked officers.
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Government complex
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