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Clan Killings

Instigated by Raida as a means of sidelining his political opponents, the event which would become known as the Clan Killings claimed the lives of tens of thousands, including children and pups, and almost completely wiped out several clans including 'Elokh. Survivors were taken in by the Clan of the Lost until their own homes could be properly rebuilt, although some, like Tzim-Sha, are still with the Clan of the Lost today.

The Conflict


Immediately following the Clan Killings, the displaced survivors were either taken in or assisted by the Clan of the Lost until they could rebuild. In the immediately following years many relocation agreements facilitated by marriage favored the clans affected by the conflict. Additionally, Creyth's assassination of Raida led to the Droghi Council delaying challenging a prospective leader for a year, so the initial shock could wear off.


Many clans are still recovering from the effects of the Killings, and some are still considered all but completely wiped out. ('Elokh is the poster child for this, and local lore has prompted an urban legend, Migration in Mourning, following the events.)   Recording and preserving oral histories, Khe'drakha, dances, chants, and so on saw a surge in popularity in the ensuing years.   While most of the bodies of the dead were recovered and appropriately interred within the first decade, periodically they will resurface or be pulled from the Ice Flats, and especially more recently need to be identified before they can be buried. In the Low Pass especially, this influenced the way traditional songs like Holy Sunset were used.   The Clan Killings are widely considered to be the worst thing the Stenza have done to themselves in centuries, often described by the Stenza themselves as "a great black stain on Stenza honor" (other parties in the galaxy beg to, if not differ, contribute to the list).   Decades later, on Azor, Tzim-Sha would tell Ta'zhen the tale of how he survived the destruction of his clan, as part of the process of the two becoming blood siblings.
Conflict Type
Start Date
25 Last Sunset, 2419
Ending Date
42 Long Night, 2419
Conflict Result
Raida assassinated, brief interregnum period


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