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Blood Siblings

For notes on the relationship akin to human siblings, see Litter Mates   The term used for blood siblings is best translated as "the bond forged over enemy blood". Its origins are steeped in the bloody history of pre-Unification, when it was a means of maintaining cohesion and unity within clans. In the millennia following Unification, the core concepts behind blood siblings have expanded, allowing such ties to form across clan lines and contributing to a unified Stenza identity (in recent years this has further legitimized Ta'zhen's citizenship, despite the fact that non-Stenza citizenship is still a subject of heated debate).   Blood siblings are a highly regarded social bond, but it is deeply insulting to purposely set out to forge it. It's considered at its purest when it is formed accidentally and organically. They will be the people one trusts for the rest of one's life, so honesty is very much the best policy.   Blood siblings are the chief wingpeople in an individual's romantic pursuits, and may also serve as hype men to potential employers and other people, as well. Following from this, it is common for high-ranked droga officials to consider the blood siblings of someone one of their own will be pursuing a committed longterm relationship with (there is little in the way of official marriages, but couples have the option of, say, throwing a huge party to declare "this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with"). It is a neat and convenient exercise of the principle that, "a man is judged by the company he keeps," and blood siblings are widely considered excellent character witnesses.   In extreme situations, a set of blood siblings will be considered part of the same clan for rebuilding purposes.

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6 Mar, 2020 16:21

This article really helps me understand better the relationship b/t T'zim Shaw and TZ. <3 thx!

7 Mar, 2020 01:46

Siblings + cultural obligation + "they're an asshole but they're MY asshole" = that relationship :D