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Litter Mates

If you are looking for the other sibling relationship, click here: Blood Siblings   Litter mates are groups who share the same mother. Closest to the human concept of "siblings", litter mate is a special type if inter-clan "cousin"-ship that is seen as particularly close, but not in any specific grade above more distantly related cousins. Often litter mates grow up together, attending the same classes and only diverging when it comes to considering life-long career paths. It is common for some members of a litter to become citizens and others to choose civilian life, for a host of reasons. It is just as common for all members of a litter to become citizens, or not, for the same number of reasons.   Litter mates commonly perform a number of social functions for each other, from helping their fellows find mates to dueling others on behalf of members of their litter (the latter often in the case of serious injury or incapacitation). Less commonly, litter mates recommend their fellows for job positions, careful not to overhype the person they're recommending. Unlike blood siblings, however, litter mates are not often assessed by officials from other clans, it being common knowledge that no one chooses who they are born with or to. This tends to free up litter mates to perform their own investigative work and help their fellow get settled in.


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