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Droghi   First Officer   Second Officer   Third Officer   Fourth Officer   Followed by a number of elite troopers of other types (such as the Drop Unit ), infantry, retired army in civilian work, and civilians.


'Elokh was most known as the gatekeeping droga for the Stenza's migration routes, and as such gained a reputation as a favored clan of the Snow Pup Migration. As a result, 'Elokh picked up many of the lore and practices of the Greater Pass, with an added emphasis that the anomalous pups enjoy being played with, and this activity is encouraged.   'Elokh was a pioneer in early versions of the hospitality code and inter-clan alliances, born out of the necessity of avoiding conflict during both migration and hunting seasons. Lore around the region tended to emphasize the "hospitality test" aspect of Snow Pup behavior.   'Elokh's members have also been known for two characteristics of their weaves: one, like many other Low Pass Stenza, they have adopted a lot of Lesser Pass Stenza weaving practices, including tubular edging and sturdy yarn; and two, every extant garment from the clan has, somewhere in its structure, a deliberate flaw. The reason for this flaw is shrouded in mystery and mythology; it may be because of The Man Who Attempted To Seduce Lan'tha, or it may have been influenced by pup behavior, or it may be connected to practices related to the Snow Pups, but it's unclear and every person gives a different account for its existence.


'Elokh is one of the oldest settlements (until recently) still occupied by a clan. It predates Jal'sa by at least two thousand years, and its position near a migration route has allowed it to maintain cultural significance for almost all of its life. During two pre-Unification wars, 'Elokh served as a headquarters for an alliance of clans, precursors to the grander Unification to come.   While 'Elokh's prominence waxed and waned over the course of Unified Stenza history, it was on the rise prior to the Clan Killings, and the elder was strictly opposed to new leader T'zu-Crae's positions on, well, everything. As a result, the 'Elokh settlement was hit hardest by the killings. There is one known survivor, who was taken in by the Clan of the Lost, but there are rumors that he and his blood sister will form the nucleus of rebuilding the clan.

To Cede is to Choose Peace

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