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The Lore and Practices of the Greater Pass


The people of the Greater Pass have cultivated and refined their means of interacting with the denizens of the Frozen Wastes over hundreds of thousands of years, and were once thought of as experts on these matters. They were often sought for advice on Migration, Hunting Season, Funerary Rites, and other related matters, and could often use this to enforce ceasefires between warring clans. It is sometimes recorded that Greater Pass religious experts of the time believed that if a fight between Stenza clans spilled over into the Frozen Wastes, this would attract the Snow Warrior's attention and lead to disaster.   The practices of the Greater Pass people have set a standard for other clans when it comes to major yearly events, such as migration or the yearly hunt, and the modern rules of hunting season are thought to be either descended from or heavily influenced by the customs of the Greater Pass clans.   The clans of the Greater Pass were among the first to raise concerns about the ability to maintain their customs following the establishment of the Unified Stenza Clans, although the role they assumed when they were allowed to do so had changed slightly. No longer did they have to worry about warring clans, and so more attention could be given to matters relating to the denizens of the Frozen Wastes.   The shift away from Greater Pass people being respected spiritual persons to being seen as superstitious came at some point between the advent of interstellar travel and the formation of The Nine Systems, with varying schools of thought about where in this time frame the shift can be "definitively" said to have happened. However, in spite of all this, Greater Pass people maintain their rituals as a point of cultural pride, and are still willing to assist those of other clans who ask for help on relevant matters.   (As an aside, the sightings that members of the clans have always had never truly went away, nor is there really a culture of trying to dismiss them to "fit in", in part given the aforementioned cultural pride. Many members claim to have had sightings of the Snow Warrior and Pups, including Testho.)


After Welcoming the Pups, if you count extra pups, think nothing of it. They are here to partake in the festivities.   Always, always pour a libation if you must cross the Greater Pass, for any reason. It is best to leave this to a Religious Expert and special occasions, such as interring the dead.   The howling is very common, but if it gets close, take any pups with you into the clan residential and lock the door. Wait for the storm to pass.   You may see a stranger. Greet him politely but keep your distance.   Set out extra, in case there are a few more pups around.   People who venture out during severe storms never return. Their bodies cannot be recovered, either. Remember this if you get any ideas in your head about going out. (And, probably best not to look out the windows, either.)   He can be captured on camera, but is very selective about when and how this may occur. Do not make any attempts to capture his children on film.   Do not venture farther than necessary into the Frozen Wastes, unless under special protection (such as by Hunter or Migration, and always remember to give them libations and follow the rules, especially for Hunting Season). Always make an effort to return to the Ice Flats as soon as possible.   Sometimes the Snow Pups will beseige you. Let them.

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