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Funerary Rites


The first action over the slain is a careful mourning salute. The chief mourner approaches the body to stand on the right side of the fallen and crosses their arms over their chest. The mourner kneels, right knee first and left second. Behind them, other individuals commonly do the same, but stop here. The mourner sits on their ankles and bends at the waist, touching their forehead to the chest of the fallen. After three breaths, the chief mourner straightens and stands (again, starting with the right knee). Those behind him or her follow.   The body is then recovered and returned to Mudewei to be cryopreserved. (The Stenza do not believe in the soul, and so have no hope of resurrecting people in the future. The dead are safely interred in ice columns and hidden in caves deep in the Frozen Wastes as a matter of respect for their life, deeds, and descendants. (And because it's cleaner that way.))   The belongings of the dead, particularly large trophies that could not fit on the face, are turned over to the Droga the decedent belonged to, whereupon they are labeled and stored in a designated building. The buildings operate as museums dedicated to recording the deeds of the members of the clan sponsoring it.


The chief mourner is the individual closest to the deceased, usually someone who served with them in combat but can also be a litter mate or other close relative. In some contexts, order of closeness to the deceased may determine who can also engage in the gesture, though this usually only applies to the peaceful deaths of clan elders. Many other times, all Stenza present will engage in the ritual.
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9 Nov, 2020 16:56

I like this. Very simple, yet quite poignant. I love that their belongings are filed away in a sort of 'museum'.

10 Nov, 2020 01:29

You can't take it with you, after all. (although in this case some things go with you by default)