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Divine Domains

Iradae is the level-headed counterbalance to his wife Lan'tha, and is the god of rot, decay, fungi, bacteria, mulch, and fertile soils. He also governs ties that hold people together, such as the blood sibling relationship, the droga, and he shares governance of mate unions with Lan'tha. Another role he shares with her is childcare, and the ability of the adults of a clan or society at large to fulfill all the necessary roles thereto, such as feeding and schooling them. (That this is shared may be a reflection of the communal aspect of the task in Stenza society.)   However, despite his role in processing bodies, the Stenza dead are notably excluded from his domain, due to their funerary practices. (Instead they are in the care of the Snow Warrior, although it is unknown if this applied to the Proto-Stenza dead found in caves at the edge of the mountains.)   (It should be noted that Iradae is the only Stenza deity to have mortal individuals named after him. It is unknown why this is, but the going theory is that "Iradae" is a title or descriptor and the god's real name may have been lost.)


He is celebrated alongside Lan'tha at First Sunrise and Last Sunset.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Cooperates with Lan'tha for the furtherance of the Stenza species (but disapproves of their senseless killings of innocent civilians, so they cooperate also in their silent judgment).

Mental characteristics

Personal history

It is unknown how long Iradae and Lan'tha were married, but many agree that they were well established as a couple by the time they built the stars Iradae and Lan'tha. While Lan'tha delighted in the formation of the accretion disc around the binary stars and the planets they would create, Iradae kept a cool head. The solar system was new, and he suspected change would sweep through at least once and disrupt the plans of his mate and the goddess Parevia.   He had seen the asteroid coming, although stopping it was beyond his power. He comforted Lan'tha when it struck and wiped out much of the early life on the young planet Mudewei, and many suggest it was during this time he encouraged her to imagine the new possibilities this has created, the new niches that have opened up. When her spirit was renewed with these ideas and she returned to Mudewei to work, he followed her, bringing his powers over death and decay to ensure that the planet did not become overcrowded and nutrients could be recycled.   It is in part because of his help that life evolved and diversified on Mudewei, leading to, among a host of other species, the Sandibari and The Stenza, the intelligent species for which Mudewei is known.   Iradae continues to watch over the dead and dying matter of the planet, but has since taken on roles relating to strategy, tactics, pups, marriage, and the seismic activity that occurs across the planet (sometimes under the Ice Flats itself). It is believed that some of his powers, such as relating to decay or the movements of the earth, are deliberately kept from his mate for the sake of the longevity of the planet. He also hears requests intended for his mate and passes them along; it is believed that if Lan'tha hears a request from Iradae she cannot refuse it (the reverse is also said: Iradae cannot refuse a request from Lan'tha).



mate (Vital)

Towards Iradae




mate (Vital)

Towards Lan'tha




It is unknown when the union between Iradae and Lan'tha began, but it is considered to be well- and long-established by the time of the birth of the stars Iradae and Lan'tha. There is no indication that anyone has ever tried to step in on their relationship, and it is sometimes acknowledge that neither Iradae nor Lan'tha have eyes for anyone else outside of the union. They are known to support each other consistently, most famously through the rough early stages of solar system formation, and they have taken up roles in the maintenance of life on Mudewei that divide the labor and allow for life to continue to flourish.

Divine Classification
Lan'tha (mate)
usually male


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