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Last Sunset

The converse of First Sunrise, the celebration of Last Sunset straddles the boundary between day and night, summer and winter. The focal point of the festival is the final setting of the stars Iradae and Lan'tha for the year, and as a result it is considered the more somber occasion between it and First Sunrise. However, while it is a somber occasion, it is considered highly taboo to perform Funerary Rites for the suns, as it strongly implies they will never come back despite all evidence to the contrary.


Last Sunset and First Sunrise are arguably two of the oldest celebrations in Stenza history, although the exact origins of either are lost in the mists of antiquity. It is known that, like First Sunrise, each clan has celebrated in their own ways long before the Unification of Clans, and continue to do so afterward.


The centerpiece of the celebration is the setting of the two stars Iradae and Lan'tha, and it effectively divides the festival in half. The first half is devoted to seeking out the last rays of light and enjoying them while they last. This section has the most variance among both clans and individuals. The second half is a time to turn one's thoughts to the darkness of the coming rest of the year. This is often a time to begin cleaning and organizing weapons in preparation for Hunting Season, and begin preparing the world for the arrival of that year's pups.   The one thing it is widely considered one must never do, is perform Funerary Rites for the setting suns. This is thought to signify that one believes the suns will not rise again the next year, and brings bad luck on the individual's clan, as well as their neighbors.   It should be noted that the dusk twilight, like the dawn twilight, is long-lasting, but this final light is primarily used as a reminder of the true darkness to come and a light source for hunting.


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Nov 9, 2020 13:32 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I really like that it's taboo to perform funeary rites for the setting suns. That makes so much sense.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Nov 10, 2020 01:28

It's like "dude, you WANT them to disappear forever?!"