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Unified Stenza Clans

The Unified Stenza Clans was the state which preceded The Nine Systems, and belongs to the legacy of Iradae the Lawgiver.


Established following the Battle with the Stone Menace, the Unified Stenza Clans were meant to ensure the ability of the Stenza to defend themselves in the event of another such catastrophe. Iradae the Lawgiver believed that an active union amongst the clans would be their best defense should the Stone Menace escape, or more of its kind arrive and attempt a rescue mission, so he and the council he had gathered worked out means to ensure the continuity of this new government (to be codified after much vehement debate in The Twin Pillars, and the finer points of this radical cultural shift vigorously debated for years after).   It has been argued by historians that the decision of the council to ensure that each individual clan has the option of maintaining its own traditions is one of the reasons for the longevity of this form of government, along with the implementation of existing ideas about clan alliances and the concept of Blood Siblings, the latter of which provided an excellent means of strengthening the concept of "Stenza identity". However, an often-overlooked factor is the ease that the new system granted when it came to arranging marriages. The peace and stability granted by the arrangement led, according to some historians who've researched the subject, to a spike in couples making it permanent. Another factor that does not receive much notice is the safety that inter-clan peace has brought to Hunting Season, increasing available food stores and raw materials while reducing mortality overall.   However, the instinct to fight remained alive and well, living through such customs as Courtship Rituals and a notorious streak of fights in ale houses, as well as the outbreaks of legislative violence which occur in the Council Hall. Despite these (or perhaps, in part, because they exist), the United Stenza Clans was able, in part under An'hulla's leadership, to transform itself into The Nine Systems.


While not technically disbanded, the United Stenza Clans became a defunct categorization when the Stenza explicitly conquered other planets for various means. By the time of An'hulla, there were nine, each in their own star system, and the name of the entire operation was changed to The Nine Systems to reflect this.

0 - 2290

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The Stenza State, The Stenza Nation
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Unitary state
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Dec 27, 2020 18:12 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Really interesting history - I like how it sort of morphed into the Nine Systems instead of disbanding.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 27, 2020 18:48

Nothing is born in a vacuum, so they say.