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Spinning Customs of the Stenza

As spinning is a very old Stenza art, it has accumulated a fair few traditions. Many vary by clan and region, but several are more widespread.


When dealing with the coat of the Basket Horns, separate the undercoat and the wool, and spin separately. Do not wash the undercoat before spinning, as the oils and proteins in the fibers help hold it together and keep it flexible. It is common to spin them in different directions, as well, in preparation for weaving them together (because there is often more of the wool as opposed to the undercoat, the wool serves as warp thread, and therefore the base for a lot of signature weaves).   It is customary (and perhaps good for one's sanity) to take key religious holidays off. Traditionally these include First Sunrise, Last Sunset, and Midwinter, although the rest of Migration can also be taken as time off from spinning if that year's workload is light enough. There is no supernaturally-based reason for this practice, just that it is widely regarded as "the done thing".   Among some of the Low Pass Stenza, especially in and around 'Elokh Settlement, the practice of deliberately imperfect weaving has spread back into spinning the thread itself, making it deliberately slightly inconsistent so that the weave by nature will not be exactly perfect. This is believed to come from the tale of The Man Who Attempted To Seduce Lan'tha, and is unique to the area.

Components and tools

see: Spindle 


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