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'Elokh Settlement


The settlement belonging to 'Elokh droga has existed since the clans were still at odds with one another. Positioned near a major migration route, it has developed a sense of "multiculturalism" and was one of the places where the Hospitality Code was refined before spreading out across the rest of the Ice Flats. The clan's Religious Experts were known for their knowledge of ancient and esoteric ways pertaining to the spirits that would become the Snow Pups, particularly Migration and Hunter. 'Elokh was also the seat of two coalitions of clans during wartime, which would form the basis of Unification, a couple hundred years later.   Unification allowed 'Elokh and other clans to maintain control of their individual cultures and ancient ways, and under these conditions, 'Elokh was able to flourish, and other clans were able to learn from them in order to survive Hunting Season, migration, and other activities in the Frozen Wastes. The advent of routine space travel has changed this role, and slowly 'Elokh became known for their navigators, explorers, and conservationists. Working with other clans and Unified Stenza as a whole, they have been able to document nearly every other species on Mudewei, as well as track numbers and routes of various prey species to refine hunting practices.   In 2418, it became something of an open secret that the elder at the time was strongly opposed to the concept of Raida as Leader. When this came to pass, this opposition led to 'Elokh being one of the clans hit hardest by Raida's purge, leaving only one survivor. He was adopted by the Clan of the Lost within the week, but never seems to have recovered from what he witnessed.   Rumors are now swirling around that he and his blood sister are forming the nucleus around which the clan will be rebuilt. It is too early to tell whether 'Elokh can ever be fully rebuilt, but since Ta'zhen's adoption into the Clan of the Lost, and formation of the blood bond between her and T'zim-Sha, many have dared to hope.

42 Long Night, 2419

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Jul 24, 2020 13:50 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love that the settlement is currently in a state of ruin but that there is hope that it can be rebuilt. I will keep my fingers crossed for them!

Jul 24, 2020 19:50

I appreciate that :D (And me too)