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Clan of the Lost

This droga predates the Unification of Clans. Originally it was founded by a group of generals and their surviving followers after one of the pre-Unification wars with the intention of giving other survivors of these brutal conflicts somewhere to go to avoid a state of clanlessness. Throughout its long history it has taken in members of all ages from pups up to middle-aged and sometimes older adults, all of whom have lost their clans of origin and are unable to rebuild it efficiently.   Commonly this involves taking in the remains of a unit following a brutal war, allowing them to recover, intermarry within the clan, and then rebuild in their old settlement.   However, following the Clan Killings, many fosters have been accepted on a more permanent basis. Pups or children who have no clan to return to and little to no hope of restoring their previous home, if they even remember it, are raised by the Clan of the Lost until adulthood. In much more recent times, Ta'zhen, the first outsider to be actively educated in Stenza ways, has also been taken in and "raised up" (i.e. trained) until her Citizenship Trial. She is still on close terms with the current elder, Creyth.


Droghi   First Officer   Second Officer   Third Officer   Fourth Officer   Followed by a number of elite troopers of other types (such as the Drop Unit ), infantry, retired army in civilian work, and civilians.


This clan holds territory just below Strares on the edge of the Ice Flats. Originally it was territory no one quite knew what to do with, until a few people got the idea to give it to those Stenza who were not wanted by their clan of birth. As the capitol has been erected on the hills above it, the land here has come to be seen in a position of honor.


Like all clans, the Clan of the Lost operates an attached military unit  that performs most functions (it does not, despite the land's position, operate a guard for the Leader, nor does it run a space-based fleet of any kind outside of Drop Units).

The Universe Provides

Geopolitical, Tribe
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Dependent territory
Economic System
Mixed economy
Uses the official Stenza currency of Krin
Parent Organization
Official Languages
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Patron Deity


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