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Traditional Alehouse

The fact that it's called a 'traditional' alehouse implies the existence of a few that are avant-garde.
The Stenza alehouse serves two functions: as a storage chamber for ale, Migration's Toast, 'Alashaia Hot Cider and other beverages (including in the more modern avant-garde establishments in larger settlements such as Strares, which can contain a variety of "exotic" beverages from across the empire and other places the Stenza have reached and as an expansive social environment, where informal storytelling is common and the flashy sparring of courtship rituals may be safely engaged in. Seating is chiefly low benches or floor space.

Purpose / Function

Alehouses are venues for a host of informal activities, from storytelling to various courtship rituals, and serves as a venue for individuals to meet one another to discuss a variety of subjects. They tend to be connected to or close to food stores and are integrated into the hospitality infrastructure of a clan settlement.


The average alehouse has two main sections, a semi-underground chamber where beverages are stored, and a topside, frequently open-air setting of low benches and empty space for patrons.   In larger settlements, most notably Strares, alehouses may be built fully underground, although in this case efforts are made to make the space feel as open as possible (many individuals living in Strares are actually from other clans where outdoor spaces are universal, and this construction generally helps the atmosphere feel "homey" to them). Alehouses constructed on clan ships follow similar logic.
Alternative Names
Alehouse, Tavern
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


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