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The beverage best referred to by the English term "ale" is a stout prepared from the fermented blubber-like tissue of large game animals. It is commonly some shade of dark blue in color and contains a chemical which gets Stenza drunk but acts as a powerful hallucinogen in humans if enough of it is consumed (according to the one case in which this has been observed, one or two solid gulps does the trick quite well). Any other intoxicating effects in other species are unknown.

Manufacturing process

The first step in the process is to clarify the vascular fatty tissues of large game animals that roam the Frozen Wastes. This process breaks down the blood vessels in the tissue, releasing compounds that would become the central ingredient. This soup is then allowed to age for a minimum of a hundred days, but in some cases for most of a year in preparation for certain big events (or simply to have on hand).
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Owning Organization
Ale, while not a good source of water (that honor belongs to ice), is one of the most popular of Stenza beverages. It is known for going down easily and mixing well with other ingredients, such as 'Alashaia juice, making it the most popular base for mixed drinks.

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