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Hospitality Code

Hospitality is the true backbone of polite Stenza behavior. It allowed for the protection of hunting parties during Hunting Season, and it fostered peace, temporary or otherwise, between feuding clans. Hospitality was called on implicitly at the onset of the Battle with the Stone Menace in order to gather everyone together to face a larger threat.   The Clan of the Lost was founded based on a form of hospitality.  
The universe provides, and sometimes what the universe provides is you.
— Creyth


Hospitality is a very old concept around the Ice Flats. Stenza have long put it to use to ensure a secure Migration or peaceful Hunting Season. Establishment of hospitality for these purposes was considered the domain of Jeshra/the Snow Warrior until very recently (and in the Greater Pass region the Snow Warrior and his Pups are still known to assess maintenance of this virtue).   During the pre-Unification era, especially in times of incredible tension between the clans, a space of hospitality could be declared, often in the open space surrounded by the clan residential of a droga not involved in the conflict. In this space, leaders of opposing clans could meet and speak freely, but could not break into a fight, so as to eventually broker a truce. Traveling strangers were rare, but it was held that if one arrived at a clan settlement, they must be welcomed, fed and clothed as needed, and inquiries about their identity, destination, or motives were to be delayed or withheld entirely. Also during this era, the Clan of the Lost was founded strictly with the purpose of taking in the lost and orphaned, as a means of providing them with a place to stay until their own homes could be rebuilt.   When someone moved into a clan, as part of a union between loving and consenting adults, they were to be welcomed "as if they were one of your own" (source unknown).   Shortly after the Stone Menace crashed on Mudewei and began targeting the Stenza population, Iradae the Lawgiver called a place of hospitality in the central area of Strares in order to deal with the threat. This establishment lasted for a record twelve years and laid the groundwork for the post-battle establishment of a proper Unified Stenza Clans.   Two thousand, five hundred years later and over a myriad of protests, Ta'zhen was welcomed by the Clan of the Lost.


A "place of hospitality" refers to any space where it is mutually agreed that parties can congregate, eat, drink, and discuss without breaking into a brawl.   There are a few general "forms" of hospitality. Hospitality for purposes of a numbers game, such as the migration of the species or formation of a hunting party, was especially the domain of the Snow Warrior (and some still view it that way). It is important to follow the rules of Hunting Season and ensure others are as well, as well as to equitably divide the meat so that everyone is fed (many consult the ever helpful Protectors of Life on these matters). For migration it is equally important to ensure all heads are accounted for and can be protected crossing the treacherous terrain beyond the mountains.   Guest-host relations refer to those instances where wanderers stumble upon a clan settlement, whereupon they must be welcomed by the Droghi or highest ranking member available, provided food and drink and a place to rest their weary bones. It is important that questions on identity are withheld for some time (depending on clan this can range from "after the guest has eaten" to "until the guest leaves").   One who marries into a clan must be welcomed like a new member of the clan itself, because this is true. Typically by this point many members of the clan know or know of the incoming individual through their partner or other associates, such as Litter Mates and Blood Siblings.   The principle on which the Clan of the Lost is founded is one of adoption, as often expressed by sayings like "protect those who cannot protect themselves". This ethos also applies to pups no matter their origin, as well as those without clan for whatever reason. Rather than be adrift, these individuals have a chance to be folded back into society, by being folded into the Clan of the Lost or through other merciful people who take them in and raise them as their own.

Components and tools

As with the Leadership Challenge, a lack of weapons or most other tools was expected of people entering into a space of hospitality.
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