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Migration (/ʎʔeʂto/)

Y'eṣto (they/them)

Migration is known as one of the Snow Pups with an explicit job (alongside Fire and Hunter Migration's other fellows tend toward being personifications and going wherever their whims take them. Migration's main role is guiding the Stenza through their yearly routes to their winter destinations, and as thanks Stenza offer them a beverage named in their honor and then celebrate.   The switch from traveling south to traveling offworld in specially designed Clan Ships seems to have impacted this role very little, although Migration rarely puts in an appearance on star craft. People who still practice Migration the old way see them much more frequently.

Divine Domains

Migration is the chief guide of the Stenza on their traditional Migration routes, and the pup guise may have been a result of the adventuresome nature this role requires. They are held to have an extensive knowledge of the terrain (some tales going as far as to say Migration knows every inch of land on Mudewei) and respond to even the most minute of changes. Their knowledge of the environment also allows Migration to lead people astray, which is usually considered a sign of disfavor.   They also favor the clans of the Low Pass Stenza, particularly 'Elokh, to the point of being noticeably distressed or perturbed upon the clan's sudden near eradication.
Divine Classification
nature spirit

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14 Nov, 2020 20:40

Ohh it's really cool how Migration counts as a nature spirit in Mudewei. I like it! :D

14 Nov, 2020 23:11

Migration being a fact of life, it probably tracks.