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Clan Ship

A clan ship is any vessel rivaling most Lawgiver Class ships (save the original) in size, capable of transporting the population of an entire Droga and often providing a temporary space-bound environment for them. Clan ships trade the common Sandibari deck for storage space for food and comfortable living space for Stenza, given as they are almost exclusively used to transport large numbers of the Stenza population and house them for one season each year before returning them to Mudewei.   The clan ship is almost exclusively a peacetime vessel, kept well away from any fighting that might be taking place and heavily fortified should the fighting ever come to them. Their crews are also fully aware of Special Directive 001 and its contents, and are routinely briefed and drilled on what that means for them. They are the standard evacuation vessels in the event an evacuation needs to occur.
Owning Organization


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Dec 1, 2020 14:55 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I am glad that, even though they are a peacetime vessel, they are well fortified. The idea of a peaceful vessel being attacked is frightening.

Dec 2, 2020 04:38

You've got to prepare for every eventuality, and if every member of your extended family is gonna be on that vessel, you want it good and sturdy.