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Lawgiver Class

Named for the massive starship the Lawgiver (for those keeping score at home, named after the craft that was named after a famous historical figure named after a god), this class represents the largest of Stenza warships. This class designation is reserved for capital ships and mobile command centers operated by First Officers of clan military units and other high ranking officials. Any ships which reach this size but serve a different function are generally Carriers, but may be exceptionally large Battleships.   Although the Lawgiver AI would have things to say on the matter, Lawgiver class ships do not always see combat. However, many smaller types can charge into battle, and are armed accordingly. (The original, the Lawgiver, primarily serves as intimidation; it is heavily shielded should someone have the nerve to fire upon it.)   Certain Lawgiver class ships also have meeting halls to greet diplomats or welcome guests, but these are more common on craft used in peacetime or away from the front lines.
Owning Organization
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643km +
402km +
capable of FTL

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