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Special Directive 001

Special Directive 001, "In Case of Foreign Invasion", is a series of orders only to be undertaken if Mudewei is at serious military risk. Organized by order of importance for species and cultural continuity and the possibility of retaking the planet, Special Directive 001 has existed in some form or another since the Stenza discovered other inhabited worlds.


In the event of foreign invasion of Mudewei, Special Directive 001 provides a plan to ensure species and cultural continuity in the interim while the ability to retake the planet is assessed.

Document Structure


Each order of the Directive is organized into "line items" which provide detailed instructions for that particular section. The items were designed with the intention of having a step-by-step plan in place should anything become dangerous, so that the situation can be mitigated with a sense of certainty (if not of outcome, then of steps to take).


Special Directive 001 only applies to the event of likely or certain foreign invasion and occupation of Mudewei. Spurious attempts to activate the Directive will be met with immediate suspension pending a formal trial.

Publication Status

The Directive is only accessible to the Leader, Droghi, and high ranked officers within the Stenza military. (Although every Stenza technically has knowledge of it, they also know that it is an emergency only collection of orders, and generally leave Pandora's Box alone.)

Legal status

The Directive is valid only within The Nine Systems, and within that, only applicable to the Stenza species. Many have suggested and proposed similar documents for other inhabited planets within the empire, but most of those proposals have hung in limbo for up to some decades.

Historical Details


Some form of the Directive has kicked around in Stenza circles since the Unification of Clans and the battle with the Stone Menace, in order to prepare for a repeat occurrence. The established practice of evacuating the pups in case of danger has seen use since time immemorial, but efforts to standardize the procedure are comparatively recent (to name just one line item as an example). The entire Directive was not formalized until 2097, with the discovery of extrasolar inhabited planets and the possibility that those inhabitants might stage an invasion (or counterinvasion, as the case may be).


Special Directive 001 has a tangled relationship with the discovery and Burning of Desolation, which may be a case of projection considering the true history of the Stenza's involvement on the planet. Depending on which side one is, with regard to a host of controversies, one may see the Directive as either a strictly self-centered affair, or a reasonable precaution. Many in the latter camp have suggested similar directives for other inhabited worlds within the Nine Systems, to varying degrees of success (almost always general stagnation until people forget about the issue).
Decree, Governmental
Digital, Holographic
Authoring Date
23 Breaking of the Flats, 2150
Ratification Date
27 Breaking of the Flats, 2150
Signatories (Organizations)


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Oct 13, 2020 14:07 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I really want to know the directive actually is - but I think the Stenza who decide to leave well enough alone probably have the right idea.

Oct 13, 2020 16:35

I've been trying to work on actual contents but words evade me in that score.   (I have the same issue with the article for the song "Cheeks", which is still a draft because of it.)