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The Lawgiver

Named for Iradae the Lawgiver, this enormous subspace-capable craft is the flagship of the Stenza fleet. It is the largest craft, and does not typically see battle in spite of its impressive compliment of arms and shields. Instead, it is used to inspire a sense of world-ending dread in opponents, especially when seen from above. It also serves as the mobile residence of the Leader of the Stenza empire, allowing them to travel anywhere they choose, especially during High Winter. As such, rooms are larger than they would be on a military vessel, and it is structured more like a residence than anything else. It is fitted with a top of the line communication system and internal teleport network so that all important business can be completed in a timely fashion.   Commissioned in 2306 by then-leader An'hulla, a woman who sought to demonstrate Stenza power over its fledgling empire, it was first designed to be imposing, with little thought to other functions or the size of the vessel itself. Later leaders added important useful features like the teleport network and comm systems, and many rooms were converted to serve some function or another (there are now a small host of board rooms and comfortably-furnished sitting rooms, with which to conduct internal and external affairs, respectively). The computer systems have also been markedly improved since the Lawgiver's construction, now allowing for one pilot (currently Segha) to fly the craft with a neurological device and the craft itself acting as copilot, via the Lawgiver AI. The cockpit has been refurbished accordingly.


Like all Stenza ships it operates on a large engine which operates like, and is shaped like, an enormous version of ATP Synthase. It pulls in floating hydrogen atoms from the vacuum of space to ignite for its basic propulsion, and is equipped with one subspace drive (as opposed to the usual two), which allows it to skirt the edges of subspace, granting the enormous Lawgiver a speed advantage.

Armor and defense

Equipped with three shields, one on top of the other, in order to protect against small particles and large as well as any possible enemy fire. Behind the shields is a thick steel hull, plated in a layered fashion over everything except the observatory (which is protected by a thick glass-like substance).

Communication Tools & Systems

The Lawgiver is equipped with a series of subspace radio systems, for official and private use by those on board. It additionally serves as a network hub for privately owned communication devices.

Additional & auxiliary systems

The computer systems are controlled by a sentient presence of little-understood origin (the common theory is that it simply appeared once the ship became advanced enough). However, to properly communicate between it and the organic Stenza aboard, a "pilot" of sorts must be wired into the ship's computers. The current pilot, Segha, experiences this as a dual-existence: his organic body within the ship, and experiencing flight as the ship. He also describes it as a form of conversation between the two of them, implying that if one cannot properly converse with the system, or thinks the system does not need to be conversed with, that person would make a poor choice for pilot.   Due to the Lawgiver's size, there is also an internal network of teleportation pads dotting the hallways and making internal travel much more practical. These allow for easy access to emergency medical care, quick access to the site of damage for technical personnel, and easy, convenient travel to the meeting rooms for high-ranked officials. It would be near impossible to get anywhere onboard the ship without them.

Hangars & docked vessels

The Lawgiver is much too large to pass within any planet, satellite, or system without causing gravitational disruption, so it docks several shuttles to transport passengers between it and planets, moons, artificial bases, or other craft. Shuttles are not, however, built for protracted stays, only for quick jaunts. Emergency stores usually last only a few days.   There is also an entire deck converted into a semi-artificial forest, which serves many functions. Primarily it is the home of The Lawgiver's compliment of Sandibari, where they carry out their life cycle in peace and safety. It also produces oxygen, which is filtered in with some other gases to mimic Mudewei's atmosphere for the benefit of all on board. It is expansive enough that sometimes it rains, which supplements the water supply funneled to it. Other plants may be grown here, pets walked, and so on.
The Fortress
Owning Organization
One of a Kind
capable of FTL
Pilot Crew: 1, plus AI
Security: 4000
Technicians: 6000
Repair: 3000
Pups: ~600

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