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Lawgiver AI

The beating heart of The Lawgiver may be the technician crew that keeps everything running, but the brains of the operation is the ship's computer. The computer has long been suspected to be an independently operating entity due to its habit of choosing Pilots and the pilots' subsequent tales of interactions with the computer as though they were a fellow Stenza. They also supply tech crews with alerts as to where they are needed and provides security staff with data should the ship fall under attack, often before the pilot or other individuals are aware of anything. (They are, in fact, second in information relay only to pups.)   The AI only has prolonged interactions with the pilot at the time, through a technologically-assisted mental link between the two. Typically this necessitates that the pilot is disconnected from the Collective Knowledge, to protect the pilot's brain from potential damage. However, under certain conditions, they can glean information from the Collective (such as when the pilot is unconscious, or the AI happens to connect to the mind of a pup). They do not, it should be noted, have any desire to gain an organic body, Stenza or otherwise, and are quite happy with The Lawgiver as a physical form.   Most of their identity and characteristics remain shrouded in mystery, and it appears that this is largely due to the AI having no need to discuss these things (or, as some have speculated, deciding that the less their organic colleagues know about their operation and inner workings, the better).

Mental characteristics

Personal history

It is unknown when the computer network aboard the Lawgiver first gained sapience, though it is believed that this was first apparent after the Incident (elaborated upon here). This was never the end goal, but the going theory is that this is a result of everything aboard the ship being continually optimized for efficiency and brought up to the latest codes and regulations. Once they made themselves known as an entity in their own right, they were able to negotiate their own terms, and the arrangement persists into the present day.

Gender Identity

As per tradition with ships, uses the pronoun u (singular 'they')


The AI has mostly learned about Stenza life and culture through their communication with the ship's pilots. They've gathered additional information from the database, a collection of knowledge similar to, but somewhat less fallible than, the Collective. One could make the reasonable assumption that the AI knows almost everything the Stenza know, but they may exceed this boundary.


The AI--which, as far as is known, enjoys being a craft--has elected to continue serving as the copilot of The Lawgiver, on the condition that they choose pilots based upon their own criteria. The leader and top brass accepted these terms, and the arrangement persists (although they do occasionally make additional requests).

Intellectual Characteristics

The AI is comprised of a series of internal computers monitoring a host of conditions related to the intactness of The Lawgiver, including such things as "position in space relative to Mudewei" and whether or not something has broken. These computers are linked together in a network in case some problem somewhere has inadvertently affected something else (or, for whatever reason, the pups have decided to chew on the hydraulic lines again). It is suspected that the first senses the AI developed were proprioception and pain, the words for which they learned from the pilot.   However, they are still a machine and have no desire to change this fact, so far as is known. They are expert at anything to do with data, including likelihood of an external craft being hostile, but pattern recognition skills still lag behind. They recognize the need to fill these gaps, and so continue to work with an organic pilot.

Personality Characteristics


They cannot be said to have a "motivation" in the way organic beings have a motivation, but they are incredibly peculiar about who they fly in cooperation with (insofar as a pilot is needed). Reports suggest that, when they express desire, they want only a few things: to fly, and to fight. They seem to be happy protecting and serving (in a sense) the Stenza leader, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. The extent to which they act otherwise is unknown.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Aligned Organization

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