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Pilot of the Lawgiver

The pilot of the Lawgiver is, unlike most occupants of all Stenza professions, specifically chosen by the Lawgiver AI based upon their own specific criteria.



While it is recommended for a candidate for this profession to be a skilled pilot with several years of experience behind them, there is an unspoken recognition that the ship's AI has a role in the decision, as well. Widely accepted as logical (as the two have to work together), this first became abundantly clear following an incident suspected to be a miscommunication between the pilot at the time and the ship's interfaces, forcing a change in protocol into the amended system utilized today.



The pilot is one of the key people responsible for maintaining The Lawgiver's constant movement, however this is primarily centered on actions which require immediate processing and action, such as evasive maneuvers and the deployment of the Praetorian Guard against hostiles (or, in some rare cases, the recognition and recovery of wreckage from "Space Brothers" craft).

Social Status

The pilot of the Lawgiver is considered the third-highest ranked Stenza in practice, although their role in political or martial affairs is limited to the management and protection of the ship itself. The fact that the current pilot, Segha, is currently mates with the serving Chief of Security Ed'ha is not considered unusual or worth remarking upon. Very frequently, if the pilot can be found, their opinion is sought on matters of resource management aboard the ship, up to and including where to divert personnel for repairs (provided the AI has not done this first).
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