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"Space Brothers"

"Space Brothers" is the designation given to the governing species of an empire which borders The Nine Systems and which frequently pokes at the borders in a way incredibly likely to provoke war between the two nations. The Space Brothers have kept the real name of their species a state secret from even the client races within their empire, which has greatly hampered "Space Brothers" Sandibari in their efforts to discern their true nature.   Besides their own empire, they have meddled in affairs on Earth as well, eliciting some notice and confusion from The Earth Fandom. They are known to have interacted on a level with the likes of George Adamski and Betty and Barney Hill, changing their appearance accordingly and allegedly scrambling the minds of some victims so that they will forever be unable to produce correct information on the subject. A full list of confirmed human abductees and contactees is currently nonexistent, but the Sandibari have been piecing it together for decades and forwarding reports along to The Stenza. These reports have gathered dust for at least seven years, as T'zu-Crae has such a disinterest in the Space Brothers matter that it is appalling to more old hats like Creyth.   Despite the four-hundred-ten-year intelligence operation operated by Sandibari, little is still known about the Space Brothers themselves (but more is known about the technical capacities of their empire, which has driven Stenza technological development and contributed to the state of affairs on Desolation. The semi-sentient cloth Remnants, for example, are a last-ditch weapon in case the best the Stenza have do not kill them). The purpose behind their repeated deceptive contact with humanity is unknown, as well as their true appearance and species designation. Before the start of the Sandibari mission, the last Stenza to see a Space Brother was killed on the spot, his body found floating aimlessly through space.


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