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Ship's Technician



Some branches of technician require that one become a citizen (for example, one must be a citizen and have some weapons understanding to pursue weapons tech or on the shield, but does not need this qualification to work on communications). Engine technicians may be civilians, but must show a specific aptitude, drive, or dedication to the work, as engines require more extensive maintenance and operation training than other parts of the ship. Because of the complexities aboard a spaceship, very few are outright barred from work there, so a technician can be almost anyone, provided they are skilled or willing to learn and there is room for them.

Career Progression

A prospect chooses his or her career aboard the ship and must begin training for it under more experienced workers, until he or she can be tested for aptitude or demonstrate it sufficiently to keep the job. Following this, one may move up in the ranks of each branch, or be promoted into engine work or work on the computer systems (if they are advanced enough, as in The Lawgiver). Particularly skilled individuals are tasked with mentoring new recruits.



The primary purpose of a ship technician of any stripe is to help maintain the ship, as should a ship break down in space it could be completely derelict otherwise. Technicians help prevent this from happening.

Social Status

Not as prized a role in society as being a soldier or an important general, but understood by people to be integral to military cohesion (and by extension social cohesion). They have a lobbying group.


Dangers & Hazards

Because much of the work is done on a still-running craft, moving parts are an obvious hazard. Additionally, while it is standard procedure to shut down power to a portion of the ship experiencing failure, while working anything could come loose at any moment, from the smallest nuts and bolts that you will never see again to the largest pieces of metal that might take off your head.   Pups may seem like a hazard, but every craft is designed with this particular in mind, from redundant systems to small corridors for their use.
A staple career, which is slightly more in demand than there are people who want to fill the position.
A perfectly legitimate profession recognized everywhere there is spaceflight (after all, ships can't maintain themselves, even the very advanced ones).
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