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Fire (/ˈɥɨɬɛ/)


Fire is easily the most feared Snow Pup, although completely through no fault of their own. Tongues of flame spring naturally from their form and they seem most at home on a bed of coals, a circumstance about which Stenza are (arguably rightfully) superstitious. It is therefore a common practice that, should a Stenza find themselves before a fire in any setting, they are to pour out a measure of Ale for the spirit dwelling within.   Fire is not, however, considered an "evil" force. They warm their more fragile siblings in the middle of High Winter, so it is said, and they are considered vital to a Stenza's maintenance of their own internal body temperature (careful exposure to heat and cold keeps one from freezing solid).

Divine Domains

Fire is the physical embodiment of fire, also governing many other forms of external heat. This makes them the presider over such things as metalworking, preparing food, signal fires, wildfires, fire-related accidents, burns, and in a somewhat more abstract sense, the heat of a star and the act of wrapping oneself in a fur blanket for warmth.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Unlike the other Snow Pups, whom general scholarly consensus holds to be aspects or offshoots of the Snow Warrior, Fire is considered to be a Sandibari import who gained the pup shape when they were discovered by the Stenza long ago during a Migration. The Sandibari referred to the entity by the more specific name "Wildfire" or "Forest-Fire" and in the records are shown expressing quite a bit of concern when the Stenza attempted to tame them. After accidentally burning parts of the Sandibari Forests twice, the Stenza agree to rules of fire safety that would, over time, become codified and ritualized as appeasement of the spirit. This is usually depicted (by the Sandibari and the Stenza alike) as the Stenza reaching an unsteady truce with the spirit that must be continually maintained, though the Sandibari frequently add that they find the ability to reach a truce with Fire impressive in its own right.   Stories from this time period depict the other Snow Pups being largely terrified of their new little sibling, with the sole exception of Migration who, in their travels, learned a lot about Fire already and is the first to welcome them into the group. (This ties in rather neatly with Migration's ties with 'Elokh and the Low Pass Stenza more broadly, as they are the cradle of the hospitality code.) Fire has taken on several useful roles for the Stenza over the generations, including representing warmth and body temperature maintenance, the fires lit at Midwinter, the forges used by smith, and so on. In spite of all that, though, Fire is still widely feared and dealt with cautiously, and known to "break bonds" on the regular, though opinions vary on whether this is due to wrath or simply sheer impulsiveness.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Fire has the most fluid personality out of all of the Snow Pups; they can be warm and affectionate, all-consumingly ravenous, and a force of creative inspiration all within the same day, or at the same time. Fire's changeable nature is suggested to be part of why they are so feared.
Divine Classification
nature spirit
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