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Low Pass Stenza

Low Pass Stenza are the traditional guardians of Migration routes and were once commonly viewed as favored by the Snow Pup Migration. They were also the pioneers of the time-honored Hospitality Code.

Naming Traditions

Masculine names

Masculine names in the Low Pass tend to rely on the combination "t'z" or "tz" as an opening sound. They also tend to end in -a or -ae sounds, although this is not absolute.


Art & Architecture

The clans of the Low Pass are known for combination weaves known for exceptional durability, designed to stand up to the foreign environments the Stenza enter during the annual migration. Taking inspiration from Greater Pass Stenza satins and the combination of satin undergarment and twill overgarment from the Eastern Mountains Stenza, Low Pass weavers have been able to craft garments that only need some upkeep and have the option of being worn under a fur depending on the temperature.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Coming of Age Rites

Funerary and Memorial customs

Common Myths and Legends

Historical figures

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