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Transport Pod

A transport pod is a teardrop-shaped single use, single person vehicle developed by the Stenza for a number of purposes for which a single individual might want to traverse large distances in a hurry. Their most common use is in ritual hunts and other challenges undertaken singly, such as the Citizenship Trial and Leadership Challenge, but they can also be used to transport covert operatives, blood siblings who need to track down their counterparts due to circumstance, and others.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The outer casing is a concrete-like substance poured into a mold large enough to contain only one person and divided into two rough sections: the basin, which houses the navigation network, and the cone, which is designed to break apart when "thawed" (although there are drills almost everyone practices in case this mechanism should ever fail). The navigation network maintains both the coordinates for the pod's destination, and the recall circuitry which returns the Stenza to Strares instantaneously when activated (but can be tampered with; this is widely suspected as a method some unscrupulous types use to dispose of their political rivals).
Item type
Navigational Aid / Instrument
Related Technologies
Owning Organization
1.5 m tall


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