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Teleportation sees a wide variety of uses across The Nine Systems.  

Short Range

  The short-range teleport is able to transport one or two individuals (who must be in very close contact) at most, across a city. This is usually used on the battlefield to allow soldiers to evade capture, as well as by ship's technicians in case of emergency. There are some cases where its use can be considered cheating (see Leadership Challenge).  


  Teleportation networks have been built into particularly large ships, such as The Lawgiver and some of the larger capital ships. This allows for quick movement of personnel hither, thither, and yon in order to handle tricky situations quickly and effectively.  


  Long-range teleports can transport either one or a few individuals across vast distances (on a planetary scale), and it sees a lot of use in scouting operations and tactical planning.  

Transport Pods

  The transport pod is a highly-specialized form of teleportation, a teardrop shaped container meant to hold one person, the clothes or armor on their back, and the circuitry which communicates with computers on Mudewei and supports the recall circuitry (see below). Transport pods are chiefly used to send a challenger to leadership to a given location, and may only land once a native to that location has "granted permission" by pressing a glowing yellow button that, notably, lacks instructions in the local language.  

Recall Circuitry

  The recall circuit is a specialized form of extra-long-range teleport that has a (usually) one-way setting: directly back to Strares from almost anywhere in the universe. This form of teleportation technology has been weaponized against certain people by fiddling with the destination settings, sending people into deep space or uninhabited planets beyond known space.  

Subspace Drives

  The Subspace drive is another specific form of ultra-long-range teleportation, which is specifically designed to help the ship interact with subspace. It operates as a form of faster-than-light travel.
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